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February 24 2017

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Bunny Might Be Claiming This Cubby from Human’s Clothes

Thanks, Bella, Kevin, and bunny Bear!

February 23 2017

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Bunny Gives His Teddy a Kiss

Thanks, Tuesday and bunny Brooklyn!

February 22 2017

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Uhh… This? No, Of Course I Had Nothing to Do with This!

Thanks, Eunice and bunny Buttons! Eunice writes, “Buttons after ripping up the yellow parts of my $500 West Elm rug! He’s the sweetest rabbit, and I hate to think of him getting older that anything he does is forgiven.”

February 21 2017

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Bunny Can’t Decide If She Wants to Stay Outside or Come Indoors

More photos and video at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Karen and bunny Penelope!

February 20 2017

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Bunnies Don’t Need Much to Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Thanks, Emily and bunnies Elmer and Lilli! Emily writes, “Here is a picture of Elmer (left) and Lilli (right). These two bonded almost immediately once Lilli decided to stop playing hard to get! They are inseparable, and often found snuggled up together!”

February 19 2017

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Of Course I’m Behaving Myself, Human! What a Silly Question!

Happy Bunday! Thanks, bunny Reese and Reese’s human!

February 18 2017

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Bunnies Nap Head to Feet

Thanks, Kelsey, Nellie, and bunnies Lucy and Leia!

February 17 2017

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Cut This Open, Human, and Let Us Have a Taste!

Thanks, Kristin and bunnies Irene and Lily!

February 16 2017

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Even When Bunny’s Not on Her Chair It’s Her Chair

Thanks, Dom and bunny Pepper! Dom writes, “Pepper loves her chair so much we gave her a pillow with her face on it just so everyone knows it’s hers.”

February 15 2017

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Bunny Lounges Where the Humans Lounge

Thanks, Marina and bunny Rosie! Marina writes, “I adopted her about 7 months ago and as you can see she has made herself quite at home.  She spends a lot of her time being a couch potato!”

February 14 2017

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Bunnies Celebrate Valentine’s Day

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Chanty and bunny Macy!

February 13 2017

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If I Fits, I Sits

Thanks, Carrie and bunny Mav!

February 12 2017

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Bunny Flops into Her Friend

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Shaun and bunnies Kushy & Cottonball! Shaun writes, “Kushy love to flop over and just chill, she will sometimes flop over onto her back with paws in the air.”

February 11 2017

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Bunny’s Caught the Scent of Something

Thanks, Samuel and bunny Cookies and Creme!

February 10 2017

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Bunny Imagines All the Romping She Can Do Here

Thanks, Megan and bunny Petunia!

February 09 2017

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Please Don’t Interrupt My Melting, Human

Thanks, Sarah and bunny Lila! Sarah writes, “This is Lila, who has been with us for 2 years. She was a very nervous rescue when we got her, but now, as you can see, she is a very relaxed rabbit! This is her in one of her favourite spots – under the piano :)”

February 08 2017

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Bunnies Can Intimidate Human into Anything

Thanks, Mike and bunnies Snowy and Bluze!

February 07 2017

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I’m Just Going About My Business, Human

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Bubbles!

February 06 2017

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Fluffy Bunny Gets Comfy in a Fluffy Blanket

Thanks, Dana, Ryan, and bunny Dory! Dana writes, “My boyfriend, Ryan, and I adopted her this summer, bringing her into our family and joining her big brother, Franklin (Flemish giant). Although he often ignores her, she loves him so much and is always happy to see him! She’s been the perfect addition to our little family and we’re so happy to have been able to adopt her.”

February 05 2017

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Baby Bunny Relaxes on and Explores the Sofa

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Happy Bunday! Thanks, Lauren and bunny Prince! Lauren says that “he was born January 2014, this is March 2014 throwback!”

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