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April 25 2017

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This Guy’s Kind of Weird-Looking, But He Seems Nice

Thanks, Aaron and bunnies Bertie and Bella! Aaron says that they’re grooming “their best monkey pal.”

April 24 2017

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Bunnies Celebrate a Birthday with Banana Slices

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Amber and bunny Stu and Basil! Amber says that “Stu and Basil are celebrating Basil’s second birthday!”

April 23 2017

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Mischievous Bunny’s in the Mood for Ripping Up Something

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Erzhe and bunny Edward!

April 22 2017

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April 21 2017

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Is That David Lynch or Bunny in a Toupee?

Thanks, Kristi and bunnies Stormy and Starbuck! Kristi writes, “I am trying to bond Stormy and Starbuck. On this date, I plucked a pile of Stormy fur. Then I put it on Starbuck’s head. Disapproval was mighty.”

April 20 2017

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Bunnies Get a Change of Scenery Outside

Thanks Elizabeth and bunnies Josie (white), Havana (brown), and Pudgy (black eyes and ears)! Elizabeth writes:

My boyfriend and I built a bunny run at his shop up north as the bunnies and I visit most weekends. They love playing outside and exploring.

Note: I adopted all my rabbits, but Pudgy was housed outside with another male rabbit by his previous owner for three years. Damage to his ears can be seen on the pictures, and just want to state it did not happen in my care. He now has two sisters that love and keep this messy boy clean.

April 19 2017

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Bunnies Are Little Loaves with Big Ears

Thanks, Vincula and bunnies Celestine and Victoria! Vincula writes:

We adopted them only yesterday from a rescue here in Denmark, but they’re already bravely exploring their newly annexed house… We’re just hoping they’ll feel gracious enough to leave us humans a bit of room for our beds when they’re done!

They were treated well by their former humans, so they’re calm and not afraid of people, but they’ve never been out of a cage before, I think – it was amazing to see them binkying and doing the Bunny 500 within hours of their arrival here, though. A bit intimidated by all that space at first, but by now they’re everywhere. Including where they’re not supposed to be (yes, Celestine, I’m looking at you).

April 18 2017

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You Seem Like You Have a Treat. Do You Have a Treat?

Thanks, Micha, Anna, and bunny Dexter! Anna says that this is Dexter, “aka ‘kleiner Muck.’ He would have been 7 years next month. Sadly we had to put him down because he was very sick. We are very sad and he is missed very much. Machs gut, kleiner Muck. Wir vermissen dich.”

April 17 2017

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More Easter 2017 Bunnies!

Thanks, Zane and bunny Bruno! Zane writes, “Grumpy and slightly confused he does not understand the significance of posing with eggs. Stupid hoomins. :)”

More at today’s Daily Bunny post!

April 16 2017

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It’s the Daily Bunny’s Easter 2017 Post!

Thanks, Alexis and bunny Cheeky! Alexis writes, “My father-in-law Stephen captured our bunny Cheeky entertaining the family at our early Easter celebration this week. He had a great time getting lots of pats and attention, and lounging on the cleared dining table!”

More at today’s Daily Bunny post!

April 15 2017

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Bunnies Warm Up in the Sun for Some Napping and Grooming

Thanks, Kate and bunnies Scott (asleep) and Neal!

April 14 2017

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Bunny Takes a Break from Sheep Herding for a Snack

A different kind of post today, but I couldn’t resist! This is from a 1954 issue of Life Magazine, and pictured is “Harvey, the sheep-herding rabbit, eating some of the sheep’s food.”

Photo via Life / Jon Brenneis—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

For a more modern sheep-herding rabbit, watch this video:

April 13 2017

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Bunny Can Explore All These New Outdoor Textures

Thanks, Amy and bunny Paul! Amy says that this was “Paul’s first time in the great outdoors”!

April 12 2017

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Bunny Goes Pillow Climbing

Thanks, Nadia and bunny Vanus Galerion!

April 11 2017

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Best Basket Contents Ever

Thanks, Theresa, Tony, and bunny Rupert!

April 10 2017

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Superbunny Takes a Break from Fighting Crime

Thanks, Laura and bunny Josh! Laura writes, “He’s a good sport 🙂 He lounges with his feet out so often I had to go buy him a “cape” (the bandana is just draped over his shoulders and not fastened).”

April 09 2017

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Isn’t There a Show About Bunnies We Could Watch, Human?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Chris and bunny Cleo! Chris writes, “This is Cleo.  She is five years old and loves to snuggle on the couch and watch tv.”

April 08 2017

April 07 2017

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Bunny Surveys All That Romping Space

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Limerick!

Reposted byencafefubaer

April 06 2017

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Bunny Grooms Her Sister

Thanks, Vicky and bunnies Bofur (groomer) and Bifur (groomee)! Sadly, Bofur and Bifur have recently passed away. Vicky writes:

This is our beautiful Bofur (brown dwarf lop ear). She was 4 years old in October. Whilst I chose her sister, she chose her papa.

She loved to binky and sit in the sun and would grobble at me when I went to feed her. She especially loved being with her birth sister Bifur (white dwarf lop ear).

I took her to our favourite vet, (Heritage Clinic in Coburg) because she had runny eyes and was not eating. He gave us the worst news, (myxomatosis) and I had to make the sad decision to say goodbye. I held her in my arms the whole time, and comforted her as she quietly went to sleep, then took her spirit over that rainbow bridge.

She is now resting quietly under the big tree in our backyard. We miss her terribly.

As a sad adjunct… Bofur’s beautiful escaperer sister Bifur also passed over the rainbow bridge after having contracted the same disease.

Myxomatosis is a fatal disease for domestic rabbits. It was intentionally introduced in Australia (where Vicky lives) in 1950 to control the wild rabbit population and was extraordinarily effective. If you are a bunny owner in the U.S., see this article by the House Rabbit Society for locations of reported cases and tips on how to protect your buns. If you live in Europe or the U.K., ask your vet about vaccinating against myxo. If you live in Australia, get involved in the campaign to legalize the vaccine for domestic buns!

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