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August 14 2017

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Even Bunny’s Tail Is Relaxed

Thanks, Sonja and bunny Shinji!

August 13 2017

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Bunny Is Curious About That Weird Thing Human’s Holding

Happy Bunday! Thanks, bunny Pola and Pola’s human!

August 12 2017

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Bunny Is an Expert Lounger

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Eric and bunny Hoppy! Eric says that these photos are two of “the few pictures where he’s not a blur because he moves so dang fast.”

August 11 2017

August 10 2017

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Having Been Spotted, Bunny Gives Up Her Hiding Place

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Dublin! Ken writes, “The desert warren was out for a photo shoot and Dublin stole the show. She hid behind the backdrop and peeked out, then came out of hiding.”

August 09 2017

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Bunny Waits for the Vegetable Platter to be Placed on the Table

Thanks, Sam and bunny Cookies and Creme!

August 08 2017

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Bunny and His Stuffed Pal Are Inseparable

Thanks, Laura and bunny Cedar! Laura writes:

This is a picture of my bunny Cedar cuddling with the stuffed dog I got as a child, when I was 9 years old.

I’ve tried giving Cedar numerous other stuffed animals as a “surrogate”, since he’s an only bunny; but the only one he’s interested in is Bruno (the name I gave my stuffed dog as a child). Cedar grooms him and cuddles with him every day, and it warms my heart to see them together.

I even put Bruno outside his Leith Petwerks two-story condo so they can cuddle while I’m at work. Cedar is let out to roam my apartment in the morning and evening, and all day on the weekend. But Bruno always comes with Cedar wherever he goes.

August 07 2017

August 06 2017

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Bunny and Kitty Stretch Out on the Cool Floor

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Jessica, kitty Sweety, and bunny Wabbit!

August 05 2017

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Bunnies Stretch Out Those Long Legs

Thanks, Kristen and bunnies Blue and Sorghum!

August 04 2017

August 03 2017

August 02 2017

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August 01 2017

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July 31 2017

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So, You Have Come to Sage Bunny for Advice?

Thanks, Pía and bunny Björn! Pía writes, “I spent 2 years chasing him and trying to take the best photo. At last, he gives in to thank me for all the love and food I provide for him. This is Björn, which means bear in Swedish. He looks like an Alaskan bear.”

July 30 2017

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Bunny’s Nose Matches His Paw… and a Tiny Chest Patch

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Spirit! Ken writes, “This handsome fellow is Bubbles husbun, Spirit.  Rescued by Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue. He was adopted by me and my wife. Spirit is the love of Bubbles life, they truly are happiest when they are together.”

July 29 2017

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Bunny and Kitty Relax on the Floor

Thanks, Brittany, kitty Kiki, and bunny Kartoffel!

July 28 2017

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What Fashionable Ear Fur You Have, Bunny!

Thanks, Lindsey and bunny Carrot!

July 27 2017

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Wild Rabbits Hitch a Ride on Their Sheep Friends to Escape a Flood

These photos and the footage below were taken by New Zealander Ferg Horne, who was helping to rescue his neighbor’s sheep from floodwaters near Dunedin. When he was approaching the sheep, he noticed some unusual dark shapes on them. The AP writes:

He was puzzled because he knew his neighbor… didn’t have any black-faced sheep. As he got closer, he thought it might be debris from the storm, which had drenched the area and forced Horne to evacuate his home.

Then he saw the bedraggled rabbits hitching a ride — two on one sheep and a third on another sheep…

Horne herded the sheep to a patch of dry ground on the farm about 50 meters (164 feet) away. The sheep didn’t like it.

“As they jumped through the water, the rabbits had a jolly good try at staying on,” Horne said.

He said the rabbits appeared to cling onto the wool with their paws. As they approached the higher ground, the rabbits fell off but managed to climb a hedge to safety.

Horne returned later that afternoon. The floodwaters were receding, the sheep were all safe and the rabbits were long gone.

Such clever buns!

Photos and video via the AP

July 26 2017

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