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September 21 2017

September 20 2017

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Bunny Sprawls Out on the Back of the Sofa

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Arthur!

September 19 2017

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Bunny Surprises Caretakers with a Litter of Babies!

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Ingrid, bunny Suus, and babies! Ingrid writes:

Suus is staying with us during the holiday of her owner and to our big surprise she delivered 5 baby bunnies. It seems she escaped from the garden before the holidays, but her owner didn’t see any signs of pregnancy and thought everything was fine. Well it wasn’t fine and now she is a mum. Suus has a wild father, but is rather tame because she was hand raised. She is a very good mum.

September 18 2017

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Bunnies Stick Near the Herb Garden, Maybe to Have a Nibble When Human Isn’t Looking

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Jessica and bunnies Cookie and Sparkles! Jessica says Cookie and Sparkles “love their new garden where they can run around and be happy and free.”

September 17 2017

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You… FORGOT the Bananas?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Lauren and bunny Prince!

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September 16 2017

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Stone Tiles Always Feel Good on a Bunny’s Belly

Thanks, Déborah and bunny Alphonsine!

September 15 2017

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Bunny Gets the Last Little Bits from the Hay Bag

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Panpan!

September 14 2017

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Bunny Stretches Out for a Nap in His Litterbox

Thanks, Mabel and bunny Reginald Kaya Toast the First (Wednesday)!

September 13 2017

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Bunny Will Accept Whatever It Is You Have for Him

Thanks, Gina and bunny Missiletoes! Gina writes, “Missiletoes is trying to tell me he’s available for treats.”

September 12 2017

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September 11 2017

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Bunny Needs a Serious Nuzzle

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunnies Panpan (left) and Merry!

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September 10 2017

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See, This Is My Comfy Pad

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Lindsey and bunny Carrot!

September 09 2017

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Bunny Spoons His Friend

Thanks, Sarah, Gil, Galen, and bunnies Alfie and Lila! Sarah writes, “This is Alfie (brown) and Lila (white and black) in one of their favourite retreats. They have often snuggled there but I’ve never seen them quite like this!”

September 08 2017

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I’ll Make Room for You, Human, But the Price Is a Treat

Thanks, Felicity and bunny Leon! Felicity writes, “He’s sat in his chair, that used to be mine before he claimed it. This is what he looks like when I go to sit in it!“

September 07 2017

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Bunnies Will Stand Up for Banana

Thanks, Sonja and bunnies Shinji (top) and Chillie!

Reposted bydeinneuerfreundHypothermialaberblaSakerosdivi

September 06 2017

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If It’s Good Enough for Human It’s Good Enough for Bunny!

Thanks, Mabel and bunny Reginald Kaya Toast the First (Wednesday)!

September 05 2017

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Bunny Does Not Want to Be Here, Okay?

Thanks, Mike and bunny Snowy! Mike writes, “Bunny waiting for vet says ‘No.’ ..its subtle but you can clearly hear her saying 'No.’”

September 04 2017

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Bunnies Snuggle Up in Their Cardboard Castle

Thanks, Sarah and bunnies Cinna and Shiloh! Sarah writes, “Cinna (white and brown Rex) and Shiloh (black dwarf) love to have a snuggle in their Fortress of Rabbitude.”

September 03 2017

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Bunny Stretches Up to Receive a Kiss

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Stéphanie and bunnies Pepito (black), Panpan, and Merry (background)!

September 02 2017

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Bunny Doesn’t Mind Napping Among His Mess

Thanks, Crystal and bunny Gobo! Crystal writes:

There is nothing like a nice afternoon nap, surrounded by your own poop. I clean up after him constantly, but to no avail. He had E. Cuniculi about six months ago, and his personality changed as a result. His litter boxhabits leave much to be desired, but I love the old guy. He is as handsome as ever.

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