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November 13 2019

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fanart of Design Student Daily webcomic series
Jumpin' on that bandwagon cuz it's obligatory.

The Black Parade was the era which I went H A R D on the fandom, eventhough ive listened to MCR since Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge came out. TBP was the highlight of my dA fandom back in my teen years, & we were all HEEEEEESDFGHJK hyperactive chaotic neutral dinguses then, thus my reaction in the right panel cuz thats the impression that left me.

So uh, expect some chaotic neutral fancomics comin up soon though they probs wont be as chaotic as way back then.... AGh i just miss drawing the Black Parade jacket so much 😭 At least with the rise of MCR once again, i'd be able to find some old friends whom I went crazy with.
Quick doodle. Idk if these really look like them that much...
Sometimes my comics started out really cliché & then ended up making absolutely no sense.

Also idk how Anathema learnt miracling, cuz im not sure if her witch powers can do *that* in the GOverse.

November 02 2019

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I think about this a lot
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October 27 2019

Good Omens Chop Suey (pt2/2)

well the comic started light & kinda comedic but then Crowley & The Them decided to go EXTRA on their performance with Crowley’s dramatic singing, and the smoke & shadows & the paint bucket, heightening Aziraphale’s anxiety level cuz dude had to be dragged along with it & didnt ask to be drenched in paint, as if jumpscaring him with “DIIIIIE!!!” just isnt enough. The poor angel is theatrically tortured lol, Probably at some point he suspected that his demon & the kids are putting on a show just to prank him.
Also his bit is a nod to@millerizo.art's Inner Demons AU (or the fanart everyone seems to be drawing) which kinda reminds me of Chop Suey in the first place.

Idk what I was thinking with The Them holding up flashlights wearing robes though, but they look good alongside Crowley “mourning” his “dead” angel in the ending.

October 26 2019

October 24 2019

Found an old Rhett and Link fanart n drew the Azirapom & Meowley version
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Has this been done yet?
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October 19 2019

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Pete Wentz is the only adjective that can describe Pete Wentz

October 12 2019

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Finally reached 1000 photos/videos in Kwai. Time to move on to other photo-sharing apps.
Also I regained access to Photogrid & ive already got 900+ photos there. It'll be a while before I'll be done too.

The first time I used Kwai i thought it was something like Vine, exclusively short square videos but as I used it more it sorta resembled Snapchat more than Vine, and as the site evolved i found out they can post photos & slideshows too, so kinda like Instagram but more. Now it's just full of memes & challenges, slowly resembling Tiktok 🤣.

October 08 2019

October 06 2019

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Once i saw the quote by @burningladyontheceiling but they’re not there anymore. there’s still @mindlesslittlefreak‘s similar quote

My fave bit has to be Klaus’ face in the last panel

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Felt like drawing a different, messier art style. One that looks like watercolor (sadly idk how to use those brushes properly)

Inspired by comics/fanart of some Good Omens AUs over here & IG, which reminded me to listen to the song again (& I did binge-listened to it at work).

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