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Wild Bunny Can Withstand Harsh Norwegian Weather

Photo by Erlend Haarberg, who writes:

For the last few years I have spent springtime in the mountains of central Norway, photographing mountain hares, Lepus timidus, in the upland birch forests. These are shy, cautious animals, and with good reason – they are highly coveted by predators and – a popular target with human hunters.

Mountain hares are nocturnal – even in the mating season, most activity occurs under cover of darkness. So, I rely on artificial lighting to observe and photograph their behaviour. The animals usually remain wary of me, even after several weeks of my presence, but gradually become accustomed to the clicks and whirs of the camera and the subtle movements of my lens.

When storm comes and the trees of the mountain birch forest shake with the wind, the hares’ hearing is reduced and they have to rely on their relatively poor eyesight. On such days they are clearly more cautious than usual.

This photograph is a part of our exhibition — showcasing our recent work from the Norwegian Røros region — in the Vauldalen Fjellhotell that can be visited throughout the summer.

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