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Human, Have You Ever Seen Such a Round Bunny?

Thanks, Erica and bunny Elsa! Erica writes:

I got Elsa on my 21st birthday. It was completely unexpected. I was just sitting on my bed skyping my boyfriend until I heard someone open my door at exactly midnight. I thought it was my roommate coming home but it turned out to be some of my closest friends coming in to surprise me! My friend slowly walked up to me with an Adidas shoebox wishing me a happy birthday. She carefully placed the shoebox right on my bed and told me to open it. I opened the box thinking it was for sure shoe but as I opened it I just saw a little white furry ball with a furry tail and two pink ears shaking. All I could think was, “OH MY GOD YOU GOT ME A BUNNY???”

Ever since then, Elsa has brought nothing but joy, fluffy-ness, and sass to my life.

[Editor’s note: I feel compelled to say that, even though Erica and Elsa’s story has a very happy ending, it generally is not a good idea to give pets as gifts. Pets, including rabbits, are a major time and financial commitment and it is in everyone’s best interest, especially the animals’, that the humans are truly ready to take it all on.]

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