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Bunny’s Body Language Is Asking His Friend to Groom Him

Thanks, Beckie and bunnies Tula and Bunkins! Beckie writes, “Tula was the tiny (1.5 lb!) brown bunny who was the boss of us all. Bunkins here was trying desperately to get her to groom him.”

After Tula recently passed away, Beckie started a GoFundMe campaign benefiting The Rabbit Haven, the rescue from which she adopted Tula and Bunkins. Beckie is ordering cute enamel bunny pins for donors who give $15 or more.

* * * * *

[Disclaimer: The Daily Bunny is not involved in this GoFundMe campaign and has no oversight over transactions, donation of funds, or receipt of gifts. One can also support The Rabbit Haven by making a donation directly to them.]

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