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October 08 2017

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Don’t Worry, Bunny Isn’t as Grumpy as He Might Look

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Sonja and bunny Shinji!

October 07 2017

October 06 2017

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Bunny Takes in the Big Sky

Thanks, Samina and bunny Crystal!

October 05 2017

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Bunny Makes Himself at Home on the Sofa

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Colin and bunny Pluto! Colin writes, “Here he is a couple months old. I pretty much summarized his entire personality with these three photos… He is either in relax mode, cleaning himself or sits around and eats. (He does play, but I never get a good photo :( )”

October 04 2017

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Bunnies of All Sizes Can Be Best Cuddle Buddies

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunnies Merry (left) and Panpan!

October 03 2017

October 02 2017

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A Bunny Makes a Cozy Scene Cozier

Thanks, Erica and bunny Elsa!

October 01 2017

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Bunny Basks in a Sunbeam

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Debbie, Chris, and bunny Mo!

September 30 2017

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Shhh… Bunny Is Fast Asleep

Thanks, Sonja and bunny Chillie!

September 29 2017

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Are You Making a Nest, Bunny?

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Merry!

September 28 2017

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So You’re Saying If I Solve These Equations for You, I’ll Get Banana? Hmm, Let Me Take a Look.

Thanks, Kyle and bunny Archimedes! Kyle writes, “Here is one of my 5 month old Netherland dwarf bunnies, Archimedes, helping me with some math homework!”

September 27 2017

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What Big Ears You Have, Bunny!

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Doolin! Ken writes, “From the desert warren here hops Doolin. Mom Dublin is a cuddle bunny, son Doolin is working on it.”

September 26 2017

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Bunny’s Box Is Just the Way He Likes It, Okay?

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Panpan!

September 25 2017

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Okay, Human, I’m Ready for You to Fill This Box with Treats!

Thanks, Chelsea and Miss Bun! Chelsea writes, “We had a lot of empty wedding gift boxes around our apartment this summer and one evening, we looked over and found that Miss Bun decided to explore one of them!”

September 24 2017

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Bunny Explores the Stacked Boxes

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Sonja and bunny Chillie!

September 23 2017

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Bunny Keeps an Ear Up to Listen for the Crisper Drawer

Thanks, Stephanie and bunny Arthur!

September 22 2017

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Flopped Bunny Is Fast Asleep

Thanks, Gladis and bunny Vinnie!

Reposted bywaplue waplue

September 21 2017

September 20 2017

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Bunny Sprawls Out on the Back of the Sofa

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Arthur!

September 19 2017

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Bunny Surprises Caretakers with a Litter of Babies!

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Ingrid, bunny Suus, and babies! Ingrid writes:

Suus is staying with us during the holiday of her owner and to our big surprise she delivered 5 baby bunnies. It seems she escaped from the garden before the holidays, but her owner didn’t see any signs of pregnancy and thought everything was fine. Well it wasn’t fine and now she is a mum. Suus has a wild father, but is rather tame because she was hand raised. She is a very good mum.

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