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May 27 2017

May 26 2017

Scheduled Site Maintenance

Hi everyone! Just a note that the Daily Bunny may temporarily be down over the weekend for some site maintenance. We’ll be back as soon as possible!

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Bunny Gets Snuggly with His Human

Thanks, Hope and bunny Quasimodo! Hope writes, “I was trying to take a nap when my little three month old buck, Quasimodo, decided it was snuggle time. He’s my little angel and loves snuggles and giving kisses. Now if I could just get him to use his litterbox like his sister LaBella.”

May 25 2017

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A Binkying Bun Means Lots of Fun!

Thanks, Petra and bunny Ruddy! And that’s Buddy who shows up at the end – Petra says “He was probably taking his nap when he noticed that Ruddy was having fun.”

May 24 2017

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I’m Standing So Tall So You Don’t Have to Bend So Low to Give Me That Treat

Thanks, Adrianne and bunny Harold! Adrianne writes, “He’s a 5 year old mini-lop who loves treats and periscopes up anytime he hears a bag rustle!  He’s a “former magician’s assistant” and has a fledgling Instagram account:  https://www.instagram.com/haroldthebun/

May 23 2017

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I Wonder If Human Will Notice If I Nibble This

Thanks, Erzhe and bunny Edward!

May 22 2017

May 21 2017

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Looking Sharp, Bunny!

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Ben and bunny Doug!

May 20 2017

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I Have My Eye on You, Human

Thanks, Francesca and bunny Lily! Francesca writes, “Sadly, [Lily] had to be put to sleep after eleven wonderful years together. I think she knew because the fur under her eyes was wet as though she had been crying, but we had a cuddle and bumped noses for the last time. This picture was taken two years ago when she was in better health, and I’d love to share it with other dailybunny visitors.”

May 19 2017

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Apply Nose Rubs Where Indicated

Thanks, Stefan, Lisa, and bunny Igor!

May 18 2017

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Bunny Is Not in the Mood Right Now… For Anything

Thanks, Stefanie, Veronica, and bunny Friedi! Stefanie writes, “The summer knocks on the door, we enjoy the sun, but our bunny Friedi is not amused, she turn off all bunny systems and look very tired 😉  Have a nice summer and stay cool little rabbits :)”

May 17 2017

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Bunny Happily Nibbles on Grass

Thanks, Katy and bunny Graham! Katy writes, “Here is a picture I took of Graham, my rabbit, in the garden. He is getting on a bit and going blind and has joint problems but he looks happy in this picture.”

May 16 2017

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Bunnies Line Up for a Photo… and a Yawn

Thanks, Ingrid and bunnies Pluisje, Pluk, Otje, Lucky and Flappie! Ingrid writes, “This picture is from 9 years ago with my rabbits Pluisje, Pluk, Otje, Lucky and Flappie. It is very funny how Flappie is yawning. Unfortunately they’ve all passed away now, but they were an amazing group!”

May 15 2017

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Wild Bunny Can Withstand Harsh Norwegian Weather

Photo by Erlend Haarberg, who writes:

For the last few years I have spent springtime in the mountains of central Norway, photographing mountain hares, Lepus timidus, in the upland birch forests. These are shy, cautious animals, and with good reason – they are highly coveted by predators and – a popular target with human hunters.

Mountain hares are nocturnal – even in the mating season, most activity occurs under cover of darkness. So, I rely on artificial lighting to observe and photograph their behaviour. The animals usually remain wary of me, even after several weeks of my presence, but gradually become accustomed to the clicks and whirs of the camera and the subtle movements of my lens.

When storm comes and the trees of the mountain birch forest shake with the wind, the hares’ hearing is reduced and they have to rely on their relatively poor eyesight. On such days they are clearly more cautious than usual.

This photograph is a part of our exhibition — showcasing our recent work from the Norwegian Røros region — in the Vauldalen Fjellhotell that can be visited throughout the summer.

May 14 2017

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Bunny Can’t Help But Hear Everything with Those Big Ears

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Hayley! Ken writes, “Hopping over to say hi today is Hayley. She hails from the Desert Warren and her Mom is Dublin. Mom Dublin and her babies are all doing fine.”

May 13 2017

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He Can’t Recognize Me with This Towel on My Head, Right?

Thanks, Care and bunnies Cocoa and Chubz (background)!

May 12 2017

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Bunny, Are You Up to Something or Just Looking for a Little Quiet?

Thanks, Cat and bunny George! Cat writes, “Please meet George, Paul’s best friend. He’s allowed to roam wherever he likes but if we haven’t seen him in a while he’s undoubtedly settled in on his favourite rug in the study where it’s always safe and cosy (and a bit quieter away from the kids!)”

May 11 2017

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Hay Is Tastier When You Make a Mess Eating It

Thanks, Chris and bunny Gimly! Chris writes, “This is Gimly. He likes to try to hide in his hay pile while he eats it.”

May 10 2017

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Bunny’s Out for a Romp in and a Bite of the Tall Grass

Thanks, Ashley and bunny Sweetie! There’s an important message behind this photo – Ashley writes:

Sweetie was a rescue who had developed uterine cancer while living outside as a stray. We discovered this when she was brought to the vet for GI stasis. During her emergency spay the vet realized that her cancer had spread, she had a large tumor that had broke out of her right uterine horn that was attached to her abdomen and bladder. Though the vet was able to remove her cancer filled uterus and the tumor that broke out of it, she continued to experience GI issues for almost 3 months and then just when we were starting to see improvement she went down hill very quietly one more and passed away while I was getting her ready to go to the vet.

I have been using her story to help raise awareness for the high risk of uterine cancer in rabbits in the hopes it will help save the lives of other rabbits.

My experiences with Sweetie helped me decide to adopt a 4 year old girl bunny that was high risk for uterine cancer from my local shelter that doesn’t neuter or spay the rabbits they adopt out. I named her Ivy and it so happens that she had uterine cancer too but we caught her’s at a much earlier stage before it had spread. So thanks to Sweetie, Ivy’s life was saved. I’m now also using her story to help raise awareness.

Unspayed rabbits have a very high rate of uterine and other reproductive cancers. To help protect against this type of cancer, please get your female bunnies spayed. Neutering and spaying is so important for rabbits for many other reasons, too – read more at the House Rabbit Society!

May 09 2017

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What Is It, Human? Do You Have a Treat? A New Toy? Pets?

Thanks, Chanty and bunny Cody! Chanty writes, “We adopted this cute bun last August when he was 6 weeks old and we fell in love with him as soon as we saw his adorable heart shape lil nose.”

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