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June 15 2017

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Poised Bunny Sits So Nicely for a Photo

Thanks, Holly, Chris, and bunnies Gimly and Bella! Holly writes, “This is our Bella, who we sadly lost earlier this year.  She was a sweet, silly bunny and had a wonderful life.  We miss her, but she lives on in our human hearts and in her best bunny friend Gimly’s heart.

June 14 2017

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Ready, Human? Watch Me Dig!

Thanks, Jessie and bunny Sophie!

June 13 2017

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Get Me on My Good Side, Human

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Matisse! Ken writes, “Matisse is a bunny with a lot of layers, some grumpy, some not.”

June 12 2017

June 11 2017

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I See… And How Does That Make You Feel?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Audra and bunny Albie!

June 10 2017

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Bunny, You Seem to Have Been in Something

Thanks, Nicolle and bunny Zorro!

June 09 2017

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Bunny Contemplates Coming Out for a House Romp

Thanks, Janet and bunny Woody!

June 08 2017

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I’m Having Cuddles with Human!

Thanks, Erica and bunny Elsa!

June 07 2017

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Bunny, You Look Pensive. What’s on Your Mind?

Thanks, Samina and bunny Crystal!

June 06 2017

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Napping Is More Pleasant When You’ve Got a Friend with You

Thanks, Denise and bunnies Cheerio and Domino! Denise writes, “This is Cheerio, a cinnamon girl, and Domino, our dutch boy. They had a difficult time bonding but now are inseparable.”

June 05 2017

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Human, Come On: This Goes in My Mouth, Not on My Head

Thanks, Danielle, Matt, and bunny Baylee!

June 04 2017

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The Many Binkies of a Bunny

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Reese and Reese’s human!

June 03 2017

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Bunnies Like to Relax to a Little Piano Music - So Get Playing, Human!

Thanks, Sarah, Gil, Galen, and bunnies Lila (white) and Alfie (brown)!

June 02 2017

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Two Big Handfuls of Fluffy Bun

Thanks, McKenna and bunny Marlowe!

June 01 2017

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Bunny Gets in Some Good Exploring Time

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Manuel and bunny Cony! Manuel writes, “A couple of weeks ago, my best friend’s bunny (Her name was Cony with only two years…) died in our hands for a tumor… and these last weeks have been hard… as a reminder and for let everyone to know how beautiful she was, i’ll send you some images for her last week running around the garden. I hope that you can show her like she was, like a white angel.”

May 31 2017

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Young Bunnies in the Daily Bunny’s Yard!

Last year we posted photos of a wild mother rabbit and her nest of babies in the Daily Bunny’s backyard. We didn’t notice a nest this year but figured there must be one nearby, as mother bunny has been around a lot. Finally, yesterday, the babies emerged! Only one photo of them so far, as they are quite active and adventurous, exploring the yard while their mother snacks on the grass.

What should you do if you find wild baby bunnies? The House Rabbit Society has a great article on just that!

May 30 2017

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Bunnies Go on an Outdoor Date

Thanks, Kristi and bunnies Stormy and Starbuck! Kristi writes that “Stormy (mostly black) and Starbuck (mostly white) [are] on a bunny bonding date in the great outdoors.”

May 29 2017

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Bunnies Get Snuggly at the Door of Their Castle

Thanks, Martha and bunnies Hotspur and Barbarella! Martha writes, “My newly bonded bunnies Hotspur and his new girlfriend the lovely Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy. She’s in white, he’s in black.”

May 28 2017

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Bunny Lends Her Friend Her Ear

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Samina and bunnies Crystal and Gem!

May 27 2017

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