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July 05 2017

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Human, Have You Ever Seen Such a Round Bunny?

Thanks, Erica and bunny Elsa! Erica writes:

I got Elsa on my 21st birthday. It was completely unexpected. I was just sitting on my bed skyping my boyfriend until I heard someone open my door at exactly midnight. I thought it was my roommate coming home but it turned out to be some of my closest friends coming in to surprise me! My friend slowly walked up to me with an Adidas shoebox wishing me a happy birthday. She carefully placed the shoebox right on my bed and told me to open it. I opened the box thinking it was for sure shoe but as I opened it I just saw a little white furry ball with a furry tail and two pink ears shaking. All I could think was, “OH MY GOD YOU GOT ME A BUNNY???”

Ever since then, Elsa has brought nothing but joy, fluffy-ness, and sass to my life.

[Editor’s note: I feel compelled to say that, even though Erica and Elsa’s story has a very happy ending, it generally is not a good idea to give pets as gifts. Pets, including rabbits, are a major time and financial commitment and it is in everyone’s best interest, especially the animals’, that the humans are truly ready to take it all on.]

July 04 2017

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Bunny’s Mouth Is Full of Tasty Greens

Thanks, Chelsea and bunny Lola!

July 03 2017

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Bunny Celebrates Midsummer with a Tasty Wreath

Thanks, Zane and bunny Bruno! Zane writes, “[Recently] many European countries celebrated Midsummer. Bunny Bruno joined the festivities with a custom-made bunny-proof wreath consisting of daisies, rowan leaves, dill and clover. And it tasted as good as it looked.”

July 02 2017

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Bunny Settles Right into Her Comfy Bed

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Lindsey and bunny Carrot!

July 01 2017

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Bunnies Have a Lazy Morning

Thanks, Chris and bunnies Gucci, Daphne, and Charlie! Chris writes, “Our three buns having a lazy Sunday morning. Gucci is inside the caged area. Daphne and Charlie are both out lounging on the cool linoleum.  They have a 4ftx4ft area we keep them in when we are not home but as you can see the door is usually always open.”

June 30 2017

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Bunnies Relax After Some Difficult Demolition Work

Thanks, Sarah and bunnies Cinna and Shiloh! Sarah writes, “Cinna and Shiloh love to relax next to each other and ignore me!

June 29 2017

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Bunny Sure Knows How to Relax on a Hot Day

Thanks, Amanda and bunny Biscuit! Amanda writes, “He loves when we turn the AC on and put the fan on high.”

June 28 2017

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Bunny Is Watching and Listening

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Killarney! Ken writes, “Here is a picture of Killarney, enjoying our backyard before the summer heat drove us all indoors. Killarney enjoys the good life with Wife Bun Clover and the rest of the desert warren.

June 27 2017

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I Don’t Know What You’re Eating, Human, But It Smells Intriguing!

Thanks, Chelsea and bunny Lola! Chelsea writes:

This is our 3 year old mini rex, Lola! We got Lola after my cousin rescued her from an apartment where she was left abandoned by previous owners! Lola is a master snuggler and the biggest love bun! Her cage is always open and she has free reign of our house! She spends most of her time hanging on the couch with my fiancee and I. We bought her a huge beautiful cage, but she honestly prefers when we just stuff a paper bag with hay, she will play in it for hours! She also begs for food like a dog!

June 26 2017

June 25 2017

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Bunnies Hang Out in Their Outdoor Pen

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Happy Bunday! Thanks, Marie-Line and bunnies Bas and Klaasje! Marie-Line writes, “They used to have lots of grass but they ate it all. Now there is plenty of room for digging!”

June 24 2017

June 23 2017

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Bunny Gets Some Shade in Her Tunnel

Thanks, Barbara and bunny Ruby!

June 22 2017

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Bunny’s Found a Cozy, Covered Spot to Stretch Out

Thanks, Regina and bunny Periwinkle!

June 21 2017

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Closeup of Bunny’s Nose Mid-Wiggle

Thanks, Shaun and bunny Kushy! Shaun writes, “This is a close up of Kushy, she is always very nosey, getting right up to the camera, asking ‘Whats that?’ & 'Can I eat it?’”

June 20 2017

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Bunny Checks out the Outdoor Digs

Thanks, Jacqueline and Bunny! Jacqueline writes, “This is my bunny called ‘Bunny’ she is a rescue rabbit and is absolutely gorgeous – love her to bits already.”

June 19 2017

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I Didn’t Think You Could See Us Under Here, Human

Thanks, Sarah, Gil, Galen, and bunnies Lila (white) and Alfie (brown)

June 18 2017

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Bunny, Are You a King? A Dapper Businessman? Both?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Regina and bunny Johnny!

June 17 2017

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Bunny and His Cat Friend Gossip About Human

Thanks, Thea, kitty Pockets, and bunny Remus!

June 16 2017

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Bunnies Enjoy Some Outdoor Time in Their New Run

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Philly and bunnies Gwenie and Moonseed! Philly writes:

They are a pair of giant continental rabbits who came  to us as mum and 10 week old baby. Moonseed has  grown quite a bit since December! The new run was better than the ones the humans made before, perfect patch of half sun, half shade! Even has the occasional built in dandelion. Mum tried to eat it before splooting in the sun. Baby spent most of her time running and checking on me, then running. 

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