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September 01 2017

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Punk Bunny Doesn’t Need Hair Product for His Mohawk

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Arthur!

August 31 2017

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Maybe Wild Bunny Wants to Hitch a Ride

Thanks, Colin! Colin writes, “I took a picture of this wild rabbit near the bike racks across the street from my apartment. I think it must be looking for a bike so it can get home faster after eating!”

August 30 2017

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Bunny Looks So Stylish with That Pompom

Thanks, Erica and bunny Elsa!

August 29 2017

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Baby Bunny Lineup!

Thanks, Jessica! Jessica says that these little ones “do not have names yet. They are little miracles, we thought we had two girl bunnies but turns out we didn’t, so we were surprised with 5 little babies one morning.”

August 28 2017

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Bunny Seems Unfazed by Bubbles

Thanks, Marie and bunny Pierre!

August 27 2017

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Bunny’s Paws Match Her Eyeliner

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Ryan and bunny Margaux!

August 26 2017

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Bunnies Share a Nuzzly Moment

Thanks, Holly, Chris, and bunnies Gimly (left) and Bella!

August 25 2017

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Bunny Looks So Tiny All the Way Up There

Thanks, Mabel and bunny Reginald Kaya Toast the First (Wednesday)!

August 24 2017

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Bunnies Go in for a Nose Boop

Thanks, Carrie and bunnies Gunther (left) and Maverick!

August 23 2017

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Ebony and Ivory Live Together in Perfect Harmony

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunnies Clover and Killarney! Ken writes:

From the Desert Warren here is Killarney and Clover. Just over a year ago we found Clover running loose and Thank Goodness she let me pick her up. After no luck finding where she came from, this beautiful New Zealand girl came into our home. Clover and the dark, mysterious, Killarney have been bonded for over 6 months. And like most relationships, lots of highs and a few lesser moments :)

August 22 2017

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Something’s Drawing Bunny’s Attention Away

Thanks, Tammy and bunny Captain Carrot!

August 21 2017

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Bunny’s Mischief Mission Hangs in the Balance

Thanks, Stéphanie and bunny Panpan!

August 20 2017

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Bunny Can Look Naturally Casual

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Lindsey and bunny Carrot!

August 19 2017

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From This Vantage Point, Bunny Can Supervise All the Goings-On

Thanks, Chelby and bunny Lemmiwinks! Chelby writes that Lemmiwinks is “our foster rabbit. He’s been sleeping on the back of our loveseat recently. He’s super energetic so this is a rare shot.”

August 18 2017

August 17 2017

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Flopped-Over Bunny Is Fast Asleep

Thanks, Pía and bunny Carmelo!

August 16 2017

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I’m Getting Cozy in My Blanket. Want to Join Me?

Thanks, Chelby and bunny Darla! Chelby says that Darla is “always begging for treats. She’s a very dainty and gentle little girl.”

August 15 2017

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Bunny Wears His Food

Thanks, Mabel and bunny Reginald Kaya Toast the First (Wednesday)!

August 14 2017

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Even Bunny’s Tail Is Relaxed

Thanks, Sonja and bunny Shinji!

August 13 2017

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Bunny Is Curious About That Weird Thing Human’s Holding

Happy Bunday! Thanks, bunny Pola and Pola’s human!

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