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May 03 2018

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Bunnies Begin to Embrace Friendship

Thanks, Julia and bunnies Neptune and Nova! Julia sent in an update to this post:

Neptune and Nova are finally getting along! They’ve been enjoying each other’s company with treats, and tons of binkies! We’ve been working on Neptune’s manners and short rides in the car has helped bond and strengthen their relationship! They found comfort in each other, and their friendship continued once we got home! Neptune can be a bit territorial when it comes to sharing her space, but we’re making progress. She’s been the only bun in our house since her dad, Pluto, passed away on Christmas. Life is better with a friend!

May 02 2018

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What Does That Tree Taste Like, Bunny?

Thanks, Emily and bunny Rupert!

May 01 2018

April 30 2018

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Bunny Has Grown Up So Much So Quickly

Thanks, Ingrid and bunny Kimmie! Ingrid writes:

It has been 3,5 months since Lilly passed away. [Posts here and here.] We didn’t want Jip to stay alone for the rest of his life, so we got him a new girlfriend. Kimmie is adopted from a rabbitshelter, on the first picture she is only 2 weeks old. The other picture is made today, her first time outside the house. She is now 13 weeks old and she and Jip get along very well. Jip (7 years old) is turned from a lazy into an active rabbit, running after his girlfriend Kimmie.

April 29 2018

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Bunny Is Not Ready to Get Out of Bed This Morning

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Fee and bunny Flopsy!

April 28 2018

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Bunny Pauses Just Long Enough for a Photo Op

Thanks, Crisin and bunny Stitch!

April 27 2018

April 26 2018

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Bunny Has Found a Cushy Spot on the Sofa

Thanks, Elif and bunny Tontosh!

April 25 2018

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Bunny Friends Relax with Their Ears Around Each Other

Thanks, Pía and bunnies Carmelo and Ottilia!

April 24 2018

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Bunny Has the Tiniest Mohawk

Thanks, Caitlin and bunny Harriet!

April 23 2018

April 22 2018

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Bunny Doesn’t Need a Nail File to Make a Break for It

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Sonja and bunny Moxxi!

April 21 2018

April 20 2018

April 19 2018

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Bunnies Have Found a Spot Where They Can Supervise All the Room’s Activities

Thanks, Kate and bunnies Neal and Bonnie! Kate writes that “Neal is a Dwarf Netherland and Bonnie is a Flemish Giant.”

April 18 2018

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Bunny’s Body Language Is Asking His Friend to Groom Him

Thanks, Beckie and bunnies Tula and Bunkins! Beckie writes, “Tula was the tiny (1.5 lb!) brown bunny who was the boss of us all. Bunkins here was trying desperately to get her to groom him.”

After Tula recently passed away, Beckie started a GoFundMe campaign benefiting The Rabbit Haven, the rescue from which she adopted Tula and Bunkins. Beckie is ordering cute enamel bunny pins for donors who give $15 or more.

* * * * *

[Disclaimer: The Daily Bunny is not involved in this GoFundMe campaign and has no oversight over transactions, donation of funds, or receipt of gifts. One can also support The Rabbit Haven by making a donation directly to them.]

April 17 2018

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Bunny Embraces the Outdoors with Flowers in His Fur

Thanks, Kimberly and bunny Kusslak!

April 16 2018

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Bunny Is Eyeing That Piece of Banana

Thanks, Julia and bunny Nova!

April 15 2018

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If Human Doesn’t Bring Any Treats Over Here, No One Can Say She Wasn’t Warned

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Michelle and bunny Apple!

[Ed. note: Apple’s door isn’t visible in this photo, but she does not live confined to her cage.]

April 14 2018

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Bunny Finds a New Friend

Thanks, Pía and bunny Carmelo!

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