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April 05 2020

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I’m Going to Need Help Peeling These, Human

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Samuel and bunny Cookie!

April 04 2020

April 03 2020

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Bunnies Already Know Days Inside Are Best When You Have Someone to Cuddle With

Thanks, Jean and bunnies Cookie Monster and Sander!

April 02 2020

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Bunny Takes His Human for a Walk

Thanks, Charlotte and bunny Donald!

April 01 2020

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Bunnies Benevolently Hold an Audience with Their Human

Thanks, Gina and bunnies Oreo and Bebop!

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March 31 2020

March 30 2020

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For a Bunny the Hardwood Floor Is Lava

Thanks, Pía and bunny Ottilia!

March 29 2020

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Bunny Knows That Sometimes Humans Need a Cuddle, Too

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Elizabeth and bunny Ray! Elizabeth writes, “This is Ray, she is a Broken Black Mini Rex and she is 1 and will turn 2 on May 4th. She likes carrots and peppers the most.”

March 28 2020

March 27 2020

March 26 2020

March 25 2020

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Sorry, Bunny, You Can’t Have That All at Once

Thanks, An and bunny Charlie!

March 24 2020

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I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You

Thanks, Vicky and bunnies Rosa and Rigby!

March 23 2020

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Yeah, I’m Grumpy on Monday Mornings, Too, Bunnies

Thanks, Dee, Jay, and bunnies Luna and Mochi! Dee writes, “This is our bonded mother/daughter pair, Luna and Mochi.”

March 22 2020

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Whatcha Doin’ Under Here, Bunny?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Elle and bunny Oakley!

March 21 2020

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Bunny Grades Her Young Human’s Homework

Thanks, Deb, Jac, KC, Sean Nolan, and bunny Harlow! Deb writes, “Just a quick demonstration of Harlow’s personality. She is the substance  for many stories and in this pic, appears to be writing them.”

March 20 2020

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Bunny Whispers Sweet Nothings to Her Friend

Thanks, Christine and bunnies Sabina and Gizmo! Christine writes, “Sabina says I want to tell you a secret, Gizmo.”

March 19 2020

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Bunny Raids the Fridge

Thanks, Kathy, Evan, and bunny Mac!

March 18 2020

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Bunny Gets Some Fresh Air (and Maybe Some Nibbles) in the Garden

Thanks, Pam and bunny Atticus! Pam writes, “Atticus has self isolated for years and endorses social distancing (being the antisocial bun that he is!)”

March 17 2020

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