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May 23 2018

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Bunny Has Claimed the Sofa Bolster as His Own

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Beth, Andrew, and bunny Hank!

May 22 2018

May 21 2018

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Bunny Will Take His Meal Al Fresco, Please

Thanks, Kate and bunny Hoppy! Kate writes that “Hoppy [is] enjoying his greens al fresco now that spring has finally arrived.”

May 20 2018

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Bunny Has a Tiny Nightcap

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Bridget and bunny Victoria!

May 19 2018

May 18 2018

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Bunny Grooms His Friend’s Foot

Thanks, Pía and bunnies Carmelo and Ottilia! Pía writes, “She feeds me carrots and I leave her presents. Should I say thank you 💕”

May 17 2018

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Whatcha Thinkin’ About, Bunny?

Thanks, Caitlin and bunny Harriet!

May 16 2018

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Bunny Is Wide-Eyed and Curious

Thanks, Colin and bunny Dobby! Colin writes:

[Dobby] was an adventurous bun who followed us around the apartment looking for attention. The picture of him standing was taken [mid-April], and unfortunately he passed away during surgery to remove his front teeth (he was from a breeder and had a jaw problem that prevented his teeth from filing themselves down). He lived for about a year and a half and we miss him.

May 15 2018

May 14 2018

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Usually I’m the One on the Floor, Human

Thanks, Caitlin and bunny Harriet!

May 13 2018

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Bunny Cools Down Her Furry Belly on the Fireplace Threshold

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Andy, Ji, and bunny Buttercup! Andy writes, “As you can see from the photo, it’s tiring being adorable 24/7.”

May 12 2018

May 11 2018

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Bunny Languidly Lounges in His Litterbox

Thanks, Jp, Nicole, and bunny Flappie! Jp writes, “This is bunny Flappie jr, he is with us for a few weeks to get well because he’s a bit ill, but he’s doing great!”

May 10 2018

May 09 2018

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Bunny’s Regal Portrait

Thanks, Caitlin and bunny Harriet!

May 08 2018

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Bunny Seems to Have Just Heard Something

Thanks, Bruna and bunny Cappuccino!

May 07 2018

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That’s a Very Formidable Shadow You Have, Bunny

Thanks, Michelle and bunny Apple!

May 06 2018

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Bunny Expresses His Feelings at Not Being Taken on the Family Trip

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Carmen, Troy, and bunny Brüno! Carmen writes, “Here is a video of our bunny, Brüno expressing his feelings about our recent vacation to Aspen, CO. I think he was angry we didn’t take him along.”

May 05 2018

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Bunny Gets a Nibble of Human’s Orange

Thanks, Ann and bunny BunBuns!

May 04 2018

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